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Subjegating Samuel

Part I

Miss Harriman is a woman who has everything that she could need.  Wealth, position and a partner who indulges her fancies. Even a maid to do her bidding... Now she has decided to indulge herself by taking a young man and twisting him for her perverted amusement. This novella is the tale of how Miss Harriman destroys and rebuilds the young man that she has chosen and then initiates a small experiment that will launch poor Samuel on a tale that will become a terrifying journey.

When the tale begins, Samuel is a young man travelling through the USA on a road trip.

By the time that the last page is turned he has become nothing but a sissy-slut and his fate is sealed...

23.000 words

The first in a series of several novellas that follow a single young man from one female hand to the next! This first part shows how Samuel becomes a feminised little pet for a woman that treats him like a pet and trains him as for her personal amusement. I have consciously taken the example of De-Sade and his novel 'Justine', though I am unlikely to finish with a stroke of lightning! The idea is, to throw a single male character from one tight situation to the next, to allow each episode to destroy him a little more, to break and humiliate him through one episode sftyer the next until at last he is ready for the final terrible lesson in obedience.

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