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FemDomCave have published all of my writing. I have been with them since they began publishing five years ago and we have grown up together. Occasionally they offer me promo codes that can be used on their site. Basically the user of the code waits until he or she is as far as the payment and the enters it in, to get a reduction in the price. This is the page where you will be able to find those codes... for the link, just click on the cover picture!

All of my novels and a lot more...
My publisher is offering a lifetime membership for just £35 (Approx $54). This allows you to download all of my novels and collections and those of dozens more excellent writers of Femdom literature. Not just those already written, but those yet to be released... If you want it all and, you want it now, then what the fuck are you waiting for? See here for details...

Appetite for Domination
Standing offer of just a single dollar for my 'reader'. See here...

Expired Offers...

Blinding Moonlight
See my blog for details. 7th June 2017 post... or else facebook at https://www.facebook.com/irene.clearmont
A Lexicon Of Female Domination
Promotional Code - ACEQ6ypP     75% Until  April 30th 2017  
Paradise Gained
                   Promotional Code - U5EPDCC6     75% Until  April 30th 2017  

 Skewered On Spikes  
Promotional Code - 2DzaaSQq       50% Until  March 9th 2017  
Down At Heel
Promotional Code - 254VUaw6       50% Until  March 9th 2017  

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