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Miss Irene Clearmont
a writer of female domination erotica

Welcome to my website. A place for adults, designed for those who are interested in female domination fiction that passes the acid test as literature. Written for the intelligent seeker who has suffered too much repetative writing, childish plots, cardboard-cutout dominatrixes and two dimensional bondage cellars. I write because I love the genre. I write because fantasy feeds us all. I write because I know those who so desperately want to read better than mere pulp fiction. I write because I know that erotica feeds the mind, plunges the reader deep into places that they would not normlly dare visit, I write because I love to, I know what I want and I know what you want too.

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If what you want to read is literate female domination fiction, you have landed in one of the few places on the Internet that is guaranteed to fill that need. From the mildest tale to the darkest obsessive horror, you will find it here. From domestic feminisation to horror, the books are here to download for free (around 300,000 words of free fiction) as well as the paths to find my novels and collections of short stories to buy.

Browse a world of erotica that will push your fetishes to the limit...


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