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Miss Irene Clearmont

Adult world of Miss Irene Clearmont...

I realise that this site contains sexual
imagery and textual erotica.

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I realise that this site contains sexual
imagery and textual erotica.

I am under the age of 18. I have to
find other amusements.

If you are legally ‘Adult’ and:

If you think that sex is only for procreation and has been gifted by some imaginary diety.
If you think that some people should not deserve the same freedoms that you enjoy.
If your mind is unable to realise that fantasy and reality are not the same thing.
If you believe that adults are unable to exercise discretion with their actions.
If you think that your opinions should be forced upon others by law.
If you think that ‘free speech’ has limits that only you can define.
If you enjoy a  special prestige that others  should look  up to.
If you believe that you are a repository of superior morals.
If you have no understanding of the word ‘fiction’.
If your eyes are open but your mind is closed.
If you are shocked by animals mating.
If you think a fig leaf is necessary.
If you  put the lights out.
If you are afraid,
to try......

Then you are wasting your only life in the pursuit of phantoms
of the mind. Perhaps, then you should not enter this website.
Because, to open your eyes would require more effort than you
have so far shown that you can muster.


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This website:

Created and curated by:
Miss Irene Clearmont.
in her role as webmistress...

Copyright Miss Irene Clearmont
All right are reserved... 2012-2014

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I write for adults, behave like one and protect your child.

We were all children once...


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Miss Irene Clearmont says:

This site has

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FemDom literature that will take you with a firm gloved hand and demonstrate that erotic writing can be eloquent, deviant, escapist as well as arousing, sensual … and gratis! Miss Irene Clearmont writes Femdom stories that will challenge your mind, Femdom tales of slavery and pain, love obsession and fetish. A great deal of it, cost free.

Female Domination Literature for the degenerate. Femdom stories that will turn you on. Femdom story for free to download. Decadent Femdom tale. Femdom is where dominant woman punish their men for being inferior. BDSM can be female orientated. Free stories to download, in PDF format. Mistress of your dreams wishes to enslave you for her gratification. Cuckolds are not allways willing, mostly they are not sexually consensual participants in their marriages. Willing Slaves are difficult to find, unwilling slaves are what women need. Body Modification is one path toewards asserting domination over men. Slave Servants should be punished regularly and sharpely. Male Slaves can be bought at Miss Irene Clearmont's Service Academy. Dominant Woman fill your mind with clarity and then bend you to the whip and cane. Dominatrix is professional, Domme is a natural, Dominatrices weild the whip to keep you in line and make you obey their orders. Female Power is what this site is all about. Female Owner needed for avid sexual slave.  Denial is one of the best methods of taming male sexuality. Face Sitting is gratification pure, a merging of dominance and joy. Most men need a Femdom Wife, A Dominant Wife is a woman who makes cuckoldry both bearable and excrutiatingly fearful. I need your total Submission, Strapons are ideal training tools and make the man into a sissy slave bitch. With CBT control is asserted and thrust forward. men who become Sissy slaves deserve to be cuckolded. I find that Chastity is the ideal tool to enforce discipline. CNFM should be regarded as the basic starting point for any marriage relationship. What is the ultimate degredation in two words: Ass Slave. Chastity and Denial works for most woman that try it. Joi and gratification. Stilettos assert dominance. It might seem that High Heels are imposed on women by men but true domination is to force him to slaver over your high heels.  You are mine, forever. Cuckolded and taken. Fucked and penetrated, female domination is the way. female Domination Literature is the method by which I take you. Feamle Domination, Femdom, is wher you are headed as I see your latex bound body struggle in fetters and chains. the whipping is to assert my domination. the pain is the path to your submission. You are mine. Female domination is your interest. Your obsession is femdom. Your wife will take you and punish you for visiting this site. Your girlfriend is a dominatrix who will whip you and place your little cock in a cage. Obedience to women is the key, sexual and complete. female led fiction is here at last, female domination fiction and femal;e domination stories. Tales of femdom that will make you suffer and weep with pent up lust. Miss Irene Clearmont will thrash your mind, trash your ego and take control of your life. She is the sexual goddess, the powerful mistress, the mature, MILF queen who will place you in a corner and teach you to respect dominant women. You will obey her at the pain of her displeasure, you will obey every order, submit to every command and please her as you ahve never pleased a woamn before. Femdom is your life, it is your destiny and you will end on your knees, surre4ndering to the queen of your dreams. The woamn who will milk you and make you wait forever in chastity. The latex and leather duchess of your nightmares, the deviant woman who will make you weep tears of cum while the locks close, the chains rattle and the cuffs go on those wrists.

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